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Xyrichtys splendens

The xyrichtys splendens is a tiny fish that lives in the warmer reaches of the western Atlantic and the Caribbean. It is commonly known as the green razorfish, on account of the sharp, bony spikes protruding from its forward dorsal fin. The name xyrichtys is derived from the Greek verb “xyreo,” which means “to cut like a knife.”... Read more →
Jocuri & Gamificare

Stamp Frenzy: Beta

Dear Player Welcome to the amazing world of Stamp Frenzy. This game provides a scintillating venue in which to pursue, in the digital realm, the same noble pursuit of philately that has existed among the curious and worldly since the dawn of the first national postal services. Stamp Frenzy offers you a chance to participate in the... Read more →
Jocuri & Gamificare

Wanted – Senior Frontend Developer

We are looking for a highly skilled Frontend Developer. - Work with our designer, development team, and our product manager to write forward thinking and clean front end components; - Experience developing web applications and UI’s; - Expert with front-end technologies (HTML5/CSS3) and knowledge of browser limitations; - Advanced... Read more →
Romanie te urasc

A Parliament of Stray Dogs

Dear Mr. EDLER András György, I am a Romanian citizen of Hungarian origins, the kind of person you PRETEND to represent in the Parliament of Romania and whose interests you so eagerly bloat to defend. Today I witnessed one of the most inhuman and abject attitude a politician can have towards a highly critical issue presented to him by... Read more →

Oh, dear…

This morning I woke up much earlier than usual and, surprisingly, I was quite vivacious. That's why I left home immediately determined to tend to some self imposed task I kept postponing. They were three: to visit a bookstore and buy a specific book, visit a jewelry shop and buy some new earrings for my daughter and, finally, check out the... Read more →

Wanted – Junior Frontend Developer

We are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic Junior Frontend Developer with basic skils of PHP programming, basic MySQL knowledge, basic JavaScript programming and some knowledge of CSS. And above all an incredible drive to learn new things. If you think you have what it takes to challenge this opportunity please send me your CV and... Read more →

Dan Spataru – Chitara mea

Last night I was watching the "Romania's got talent" show when I saw an older guy singing a song of one of my favorite old time singers: Dan Spataru. Even though he tried hard to get the song right he failed miserably, however I did appreciate his attempt to bring back to life a long gone, but still great, Romanian artist. Unfortunatelly for... Read more →

Plea @ smokers

Last night I had the opportunity to watch a Stand Up comedy show in one of Bucharest’s many nightclubs. Despite the comedians efforts to entertain me, I was extremely uncomfortable and I had barely waited for the show to end and get the hell out of there. The reason for that: the unbreathable air inside the club’s premises. (mai... Read more →

Protectie antiberbecul de la bloc

Ca urmare a evenimentului caruia tocmai i-am cazut victima am luat decizia de a investi in supravegherea video a masinii personale. Ma intereseaza ceva ce se poate monta pe exteriorul masinii si camufla relativ usor. In plus sa transmita imaginile catre un dispozitiv de inregistrare (sa nu inregistreze ele singure) si sa aiba o autonomie... Read more →
Cotidiene 1

Berbecul de la bloc

Astazi, un taranete trezit la bloc cu senzatia ca peticul de asfalt de sub geam e tarlaua mostenita de la tac-su mi-a lasat o amintire pe portiere. In conditiile in care masina a fost parcata regulamentar pe un spatiu de parcare public. Nu am timpul si energia sa ma consum cu asftel de idioti si de aceea raman constant in decizia mea de a... Read more →